Berkeley Heights Youth SC

BHYSC Festival Program

BHYSC deem festivals to be the initial stage in competitive soccer development. The focus is on establishing the fundamentals: ball mastery, confidence and initial decision making. All in an unpressured environment.

The festival program is open to all soccer players aged 6-8, there will be no tryouts and the aim is to instill a sense of fun, enjoyment and comradery playing the worlds beautiful game.

By ensuring small sided games to encourage far greater touches and decisions made by each individual their development will be accelerated compared to those that play larger formats. Small sided also allows for greater opportunities of success - dont be worried by the 10-8 scorelines!

A festival Season

- 6 to 8 Saturdays through Fall and again through Spring (now hosted locally in Berkeley Heights)

- 4 x 5v5 games played back to back over a period of 2 hours (each game 20mins)

- No referee's

- Each player must sign up for SDA

For further information please reach out to the following:

Overall Program Lead - Mark Robertson -

2010 Boys Coach - Mike Futterman

2010 Girls Coach - Jamie Ronga

2011 Boys/Girls Coach - Chaz Ciolino