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Field Setup Instructions

Click on this to see what a grass field flag looks like. They have pointy ends - click to see.
Click this to see what turf flags look like.
If you try to use a grass flag on a turf field, you will likely cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Veterans Memorial Park

As of Fall 2018 we will have both a 7v7 and 9v9 field at Memorial. See configuration below.


Snyder Set Up - All equipment is at the field

As of Spring 2016 all flags and sandbags for Snyder are stored under the bleachers. The flags and bases are in the silver box, secured by a lock. Please return all items when done. Please make sure the silver box is secured when you leave the field after the last game. The lock can be engaged, but if the latch is not closed the box can still be opened.
Click here to see how the box can look locked but actually be unlocked.
Click here to see the latch properly engaged and the box locked.

Snyder Field - Small Sided (7 v 7) Set up

Snyder Field - Small Sided (9 v 9) Set up

The small sided field has the same orientation as the large sided field. The lines are painted in red. The side lines are next to the American football out of bounds. The end line is next to the American Football 10 yard line. There are two marks on each end-line to indicate the general placement of the goal posts.

1) Unlock the small sided goals from the fence on the outside of the bleacher side of the field.
2) Make sure that all the wheel locks are in the "off" position and wheel the goals into place. You must press down on the "OFF" part of the lever. Four parent volunteers are recommended.
3) Once in place, please lower the goal post stabilizer by loosening the knob (Picture). Then lower the stabilizer and retighten the knob on each goal post. Please note that the front of the goal post should be level with the inside of the goal (red) line. The white lines ARE NOT the goal lines.
4) Push the wheel locks into the "ON" position.
5) If necessary, hang cylindrical metal weights off the back of the goal. There are two on each goal. Blurry picture of weights on the right next to sand bags here. These weights are in the lockers under the Snyder bleachers.
6) Please place corner flags from the box under the bleachers in the appropriate position. Remember that the RED lines are for soccer. Please make sure the coach after you knows where the bag is that holds the flag bases. A picture of the bag, in a good spot to keep it is here.

If you are the last small sided team, please put everything away by reversing the directions above. Please note that goals should be outside of fence and have goal mouth facing field. Chain should run through two goal posts, one each goal, and fence. The flags and bases should be placed INSIDE the silver box and the combination lock for the box engaged.

Snyder Field - Large Sided Set up

1) Place vinyl sand bags on back of large sided goal. Picture. The sandbags are located in the lockers underneath the bleachers.
2) Please place corner flags from the silver box under the bleachers in the appropriate position. Please make sure the game after you knows where the bag is that holds the bases. A picture of the bag, in a good spot to keep it is here.

If you are the last large sided team, please put everything away, especially the sand bags, by reversing the direction above. Please put the flags and the bases int eh silver box and lock the box.

Notes about Snyder bleacher lockers:

1) There are 4 gates on the bleachers, but all the storage areas can be entered through any gate. The three right most gates use the BHYSC combination. This is important to know if any one of those two locks becomes inoperable.
2) Please leave as little slack in the chains as possible. Any slack at all will be an invitation for mischief.

Lower Columbia

1) The first team to use the field is responsible for installing corner flags and securing the goals. They are also responsible for ensuring that the coach in the following game knows the location of any equipment bags and/or equipment boxes.
2) If you are not the first or last game, you are still responsible for ensuring that the coach after you knows the location of any equipment bags and/or equipment boxes.
3) If you are the last game, you are responsible for returning all equipment to either the equipment manager's house, or the Snyder bleachers, or IN THE SPRING ONLY, the goals the corners of the GL track.
4) Many non-BHYSC teams use GL, Snyder and the other fields. Do not assume that the team coming on after you is BHYSC. If you are the last BHYSC team you need to remove all equipment from the field. If you leave it with them, we will never see it again.
5) If you put anything into the storage areas under the Snyder Ave. field bleachers, please close and lock the gates AND the silver box in which the flags and bases are stored. DO NOT ASSUME that some other team will lock the gate.
6) To open the combination locks, it may be necessary to squeeze the lock further closed before it releases.

Lower Columbia Lights - Revised 9/18/2016

(Practices only)
The keys for the light panel are at in a lock box located on the fence corner near the basketball courts. Picture of Lock Box Location. The electric panel is on the Plainfield Ave. side of the basketball courts. Please note that you will probably need a flash light to return the key to the lock box at the end of your session. The key is attached to a lanyard to help us find the key if it is dropped in the grass. The lanyard makes it tricky to close the key back into the lock box. One tip is to make sure the lanyard does not obstruct the top lip for the upper clasp. See picture of lanyard obstruction here. The lanyard needs to be cleared from the lip. See picture of proper lanyard positioning here.

Games on Lower Columbia

The goals are "permanently" staked by the recreation department in the fall. Coaches need only place and retrieve grass corner flags from Charlie Miller's house. If for some reason the goals are not staked, do no panic. Either see if Charlie has some stakes or grab a set of sandbags from underneath the Snyder Ave. Bleachers. If the goals were not staked when you arrived, please make sure you:
1) Inform the following coaches and the last coach so they know what equipment to return where.
2) Let Sean Manns know the stakes were missing.


Governor Livingston Large Sided Set Up

Please do not allow children to play on the track equipment at GL. We are guest at the facility and wish to be invited back.

1) You must get corner flags from Kevin St. Onge's house.
2) In the FALL the sandbags should be on the field. We use the GL High School sandbags. In the SPRING,The sandbags are locked underneath the bleachers on the north side of the field. Please see here and here for location, as well as here for detail.
3) In the SPRING, The goals must be wheeled onto the field. The wheels must be "flipped over" so the goal will not move. In the FALL the goals are likely on the field or near to it.

If you are the last BHYSC game, you must
1) In the FALL - Leave the goals and sandbags in place. In the SPRING return sand bags to under the bleachers and lock as per here.
2) Return flags to Kevin St. Onge's house.
3) There are four extra yellow flag bases. They are not ours.
4) In the SPRING ONLY Return goals to corners of track. See location here.

If for some reason their are no sandbags on the GL Field in the FALL, you may find some spares under the Snyder Bleachers.

Glenside Ave. Field (Summit)

The flags are located in this shed. The combination lock requires multiple turns to the right to the first number. Next, a full rotation left and then the second number. Then directly to the right for the third number. The sandbags are left on the field. Please make sure you select the turf field flags and NOT the grass field flags. Scroll up to see the difference.

All Other Grass Fields Set Up (Passaic Front, Passaic Back, Upper Columbia)

Please note that as of Fall 2016 Passaic Front will be used as both a Large Sided (11 v 11) Field and a Small Sided (7 v 7) Field. The large sided field is oriented North-South, while the small sided field is oriented east west. If both sized fields are used the same day, the goal spikes may need to be moved from one set of goals to the other set.
1) First team will get tool box and grass corner flags from Charlie Miller's House. The tool box should contain a)goal spikes, b)hammer c) zip ties.
2) First team hammers spikes in to secure goal. If net is droopy zip ties should be used to secure net. Corner flags are installed.
3) First team passes on location of tool box to second team. Second team does same for third team, etc.
4) Last team removes goal spikes and flags and returns tool box and flags to Charlie Miller's house.


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